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Inspiration, Creativity, Collaboration & More: Kitmoda is Giving Concept Artists, Texture Artists and 3D Modelers A Lot to be Excited About

Creating art is an immersive process and finding inspiration from other sources, especially a community of fellow artists can work wonders for any artist. Marrying technology with art and redefining sharing and collaboration between digital artists to fuel the creative process is one of the most challenging things that Kitmoda, the first-ever open art driven 3D model platform has done brilliantly. The world’s first collaborative publishing system for digital artists that also boasts a unique 3D model sales portal and fully loaded social media platform is built for artists by artists.

Aesthetic and appealing, this virtual online studio for talented artists across the globe is laser focused on tapping the immense scope and potential of collaboration to create stellar 3D assets. These are then put up for sale on their online store with contributing artists enjoying a share in the profit. In fact, Kitmoda is the only platform where artists receive 80% of sales commission.

Apart from this refreshing and level of transparency, their unique patent pending publishing system that empowers artists of varying specialties to join forces to create a wide variation of art styles is truly remarkable. Talented concept artists create great designs that give 3D modelers a creative boost. If they don't feel like texturing the model, texture artists can take over from them to earn commissions, which means there is ample work and everyone benefits throughout the creative process. Most importantly, art directors and model buyers can easily find models custom tailored to their project’s style from Kitmoda’s richly creative catalogue.

Taking things up a notch, Kitmoda’s social networking platform functions as a community hub and studio wall where artists can post their thoughts and updates and also find inspiring artwork. A lot of thought has gone into designing enhanced functionality including, but not limited to a node-based progress system that guides users through all interactions and a peer review process for artists to mutually benefit from this artistic and collaborative symbiosis.

Deriving inspiration from one another through a collaboration pool is perhaps one of the biggest advantages of using this stock model site. Founder and CEO of Kitmoda, Jason Kane, a character and set modeler for major motion pictures like ‘The Hobbit’ is a dedicated artist himself. With a passion for designing and coding web and CG tools, he believes in both protecting as well as promoting the interests of artists in the dynamic world of CG art.

Kitmoda delivers on its promise to cater to the needs and requests of the CG art community with solid site and asset security (256-Bit EV SSL and fully encrypted cloud file storage), dedicated servers complete with SSD drives and the latest Xeon processors, their own proprietary cloud speed storage system for rapid file transfers, file scans and proprietary tools.

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